Upgrading classes are available to all contributing members of Local 80. They are held one evening per week, Monday - Thursday evenings from 5pm – 8pm at:

Local 80 Training Center
32700 Dequindre Road
Warren MI 48092

Classes are offered on a first come first serve basis.  A minimum of (5) students must be enrolled in a class for it to remain scheduled.  Please see the class information for additional registration details.To register for classes, call the Training Center at (586) 979-5190


Fall upgrading class registration starts December 5, 2022 for all Building Trades and Architectural Journeymen, Indentured Apprentices and Production Workers. Probationary Apprentices can register starting December 12, 2022. To register for classes, call the Training Center at (586) 979-5190 from 7:30am - 3pm. The Fall term will begin the week of Monday, January 16, 2023.

Members registering for a class must submit a check for $60 to the Local 80 Training Center in order to reserve a seat in the class. The check will be cashed if the member does not complete the class. Apprentices are not required to submit a check but will appear before the Joint Apprenticeship Committee if they do not complete the class.


Winter 2023 Class Schedule 

If the class shows "CANCELED": Class is not being offered, likely because the minimum number of 5 seats has not been filled.

If the class shows "OPEN": There are open seats and the class is accepting students.

If the class shows "CLOSED": The class has already started or registration has not yet begun.

Updated 11/29/2022 @ 3:00pm

 Class Faculty  Status  Start Date  Weeks Max Seats  Seats Available 


Detailing 1-4 Altizer CLOSED January 16, 2023 12 8 8
T.A.B. 2 O'Rourke CLOSED
January 16, 2023 12 8 8
Welding I/Grease Duct Welding Zabik  CLOSED
January 16, 2023 
12 10 10
HVAC Field Installation Schein CLOSED January 16, 2023
12 10 6

First Aid- 1st Session Jackson OPEN
January 5, 2023
3 6 6
First Aid- 2nd Session Jackson CLOSED
February 2, 2023 
3 6 6
First Aid- 3rd Session Jackson CLOSED March 2, 2023 3 6 6
Welding1-4 Velez CLOSED January 18, 2023 
12 10 10
T.A.B. 4
January 18, 2023
12 10 10
Sheet Metal Layout Flood CLOSED January 18, 2023
12 10 10
Trade MathStockerCLOSEDJanuary 18, 2023121010
HVAC Field Measuring 1FroioCLOSEDJanuary 18, 2023121010
Trimble Total Station Sievers CLOSED
January 18, 2023 
4 6 6
Reading Plans & Specs Blackwood CLOSED
January 19, 2023 
12 12 12
Air Conditioning 1 Hedlund
  January 19, 2023
12  10 10
Architectural Velez
January 19, 2023 
12 8 8
Welding I / Pipe Welding Kelly
January 19, 2023 
12 10 10
Revit I & II Shuboy
January 19, 2023 
12 10 10
OSHA 30Jackson
January 19, 2023 

Welding class information:

Grease Duct Welding and Pipe Welding will be offered to members that have passed the Welding I class or members that have adequate field experience in GMAW.  Welding I will run concurrently with both classes.  You must specify which course you would like to take at the time of registration.


Detailing class information:

The prerequisite for Detailing 1 is Reading Plans and Specs.  An introduction to AutoCAD will be covered at the start of Detailing 1 until an instructor is available to teach the separate class.

The prerequisite for Revit I is Reading Plans & Specs or relevant on-the-job experience.  Please call Matt at the Training Center if you believe that you have sufficient experience to register without the prerequisite.

Other class information:

Prerequisites for Field Measuring 1 are either 2 years of HVAC installation experience or the HVAC Field Installation class and 1 year of field experience.


Passing the Trade Math class is required for all apprentices that are unable to score 70% or higher on their Trade Math "Test-Out" Test.  Apprentices must complete the class in their first 2 years of the apprenticeship.