2021 July Entrance Exam Information

Posted: Friday, December 20, 2019
2021 July Entrance Exam Information

Local 80 operates a jointly managed apprenticeship program out of our 20,000 square foot training center located in Warren Michigan. By entering the Local 80 apprenticeship program, you will receive the industry’s best training, designed to give you the lifelong skills to be a successful Sheet Metal Worker.

Next Test Date: July 2021
Deadline to apply: Friday, July 23
Start of next apprentice class: September 27, 2021
Make an appointment to apply in person
Phone: 586-979-5190
Sheet Metal Workers fabricate, install, and maintain air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, and pollution control duct systems; roofs, siding, rain gutters and downspouts, skylights, restaurant equipment, outdoor signs, and many other building parts and products made from metal sheets. They also work with fiberglass and plastic materials. Sheet Metal Workers may specialize in a specific discipline, such as fabrication, installation or maintenance, while others are proficient in many aspects of the trade.